GIO Schoolboy Cup & Trophy

The GIO Cup  Schoolboy Competition is the premier schoolboy competition of any Australian football code and one that promotes the value of education as well as the sporting talent nurtured through Australian schools.

The competition has a rich 40 year history and is a true nursery of Rugby League legends producing the likes of  Peter Sterling, Greg Alexander, Brad Fittler and Greg Inglis to name just a handful.

Televised nationally on Fox Sports, the competition underpins  the games commitment to ensuring the school Rugby League remains a genuine pathway to the NRL

Over the past 39 seasons the competition has produced an amazing array of players and any number of unforgettable matches. At the same time it has contributed positively to the identities of the schools that take part, creating proud traditions for teachers, students and parents.


The GIO Schoolboy Cup Rugby League competition began in 1975 as the Amco Shield, over the years the Schoolboy Cup has seen some outstanding young footballers on display that have progressed through to the NRL Telstra Premiership and given thousands of other players an opportunity to participate and display their talent through the medium of television.

For many years, the television matches were played and recorded as the early fixture to the mid-week knockout competition.  With the demise of the midweek Panasonic Cup and the introduction of Friday Night Football (FNF) on Channel 9, television matches were played and taped weekly prior to the FNF matches. 2015 GIO Schoolboy Cup matches will be covered again by Fox Sports and replayed as part of their Super Saturday format.

The profile of the competition has grown so much over the years, and is now the premier competition in Schoolboy Rugby League. Over 300 schools throughout Australia compete in the competition each year through the Cup or Trophy format.

In 1996, the “Peter Sterling Medal” was instituted and is awarded annually to the GIO Schoolboy Cup “Player of the Year”, with a number of former and current NRL stars receiving the award over the years.

The Schoolboy Cup attraction for schools has always been the opportunity for the players and the schools to be featured in a television match and through the partnership with GIO insurance the National Rugby League (NRL) are able to continue in providing the opportunity for students to showcase their skills.


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