Roosters Crow at Local Fete

Bellevue Hill PS Fete
Bellevue Hill Public School ran a school fete to raise money for the school’s facilities and programs.

As September rolls along and fete season is in full swing, the NRL and Sydney Roosters Community team were there to help one of their local schools in the heart of Eastern Suburbs.

The fete consisted of many different fun activities and plenty of great food stalls.

Tata Moga and Jack Bosden helped with the Sydney Roosters pass the ball board. The children thought one dollar for five passes was a bargain fund raiser with many students walking away with a Sydney Roosters poster and NRL pencil cases plus bonus prizes for the most accurate passers.

The students loved having the players there to help assist this great event. The fete was very successful with more students pledging their allegiance to the Sydney Roosters during their finals campaign. The work the Roosters have done in the community in 2013 sees them as one of the leading Sydney NRL clubs both on and off the field.