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Entry Level Coaching Courses

The National Rugby League has implemented a blended delivery of all entry-level coaching courses. Blended delivery refers to utilising different delivery methods in completing the required course modules/components. We have specifically developed an online component to help ease the time pressure placed on volunteers by limiting the face-to-face contact hours they have previously committed when completing a coaching course.

Candidates benefit from online learning:

  • By learning at their own pace
  • By learning at a time and place that suits their lifestyle
  • Caters for different learning styles

There are two entry-level coaching courses:

  1. Modified Games Coach (MGC) 6-12 Years
  2. International Games Coach (IGC) 13+ Years

All entry Level courses are delivered in the following manner:

Coaching Course diagram

1. Online Modules (Each of these modules have assessment questions that the candidate must complete)

  • The Role of the Coach
  • Coach in Action
  • Teaching and Coaching

2.  Face-to-face Modules

Upon completion of the first two components, the candidate will qualify as a ‘Coach in Training’ which enables them to coach the relevant age group for a period of 18 months.

3. Practical Assessment

Coaches can be assessed through the following methods:

  • Training Session Assessment
  • Game-day Assessment
  • Coaching Update Assessment

The candidate can be assessed by an approved mentor or qualified NRL Assessor.