Coles Clinic a Grand Final Winner

It was a day to remember for all in attendance at the 2013 Coles Grand Final Fun Day.

ANZ Stadium played host to more than 450 children on the eve of the Roosters verse Sea Eagles decider. Decked out in their footy team’s colours, there was plenty of maroon and white, an equal amount of red, white and blue but all clubs were well represented as the children took to the grand final activities.

As well as events inside the stadium, all groups played in Backyard League games on Cathy Freeman Park. The teams were named after the two grand final combatants and in a lead into the final result; it was the Roosters youngsters who were victorious in many of the clinic games.

Steve Turner hosted the participants in the dressing room activity and had the children spellbound with his tales of competing in four grand finals. David Peachey then gave a realistic demonstration of the pre game talk in the media room adjacent to the change rooms. A lap of ANZ Stadium with a Provan Summons Trophy replica gave another taste of the real grand final experience to all participants. Having their Coles t shirts autographed by players such as Kevin Locke and Kevin Gordon was a great souvenir from the day but it was Jack Reed’s revelation to the group that he was getting married in the off season that brought spontaneous applause from the young audience.

Grand Final week was a memorable time for many adults in the NRL, but for the children attending the Coles Grand Final Fun Day there were just as many delightful Rugby League moments to savour.